Foundations of Surfing

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Congratulations, you’ve found the secret of accelerating your surfing journey – the ‘Foundations of Surfing’ Ecourse!

Good surfing is all about learning skilled movement patterns.  

These motor skills need to be fluent, coordinated and perfectly timed with the wave. They require constant repetition until they become encoded in the neuronal networks of the brain as learned automatic muscular-skeletal responses of a calmly-focused mind.  Surfing, like any other sport, is as much a mind game as it is a physical skill.   Combining the two – skilled physical movement patterns and a calm well-tuned mental approach – is the key to surfing success.

Mastering surfing is difficult because the ocean is constantly changing. However, with practice and patience, you can develop the correct control over your body’s muscular-skeletal system to train it to fire off controlled and coordinated movements in response to the demands of the wave.

This program aims to share a deeper understanding of the most important aspects in surfing that can be improved with a little effort. The program consists of four critical elements:

  • your mental approach,
  • your use of the power zones,
  • how you move your body, and
  • your understanding of your equipment.

These four aspects combine to determine your surfing trajectory. With a bit of mental preparation and some smart training anyone can see massive improvements in their surfing performance.

The program content is structured around 6 core modules with a number of topics within each. You can begin to work your way through each module and its associated topics and mark of your progress at the end of each topic. The program overview is located below and you can expand it to see all the modules and topics. Additionally on each page throughout the program there is a sidebar on the right hand side of the page that provides a quick view of your progress as well as a navigation panel.

To accompany the online program there is an ebook which can be downloaded on the next page and used for quick reference in the future before your next surf session!

Please note it is highly recommended that you complete all the topics for each module before you progress onto the next module and complete this program. This ensures you are not overloaded with too much information and that you absorb as much as possible to improve your surfing.