ASP Surf Club is a collaborative platform for online surfers to meet the leading surf coaches and learn from their experiences.  Whether just learning to surf or a seasoned veteran ASP Surf Club can help you get to the next level. Advanced surfing is primarily all about learning skilled movement patterns. These motor skills need to be fluent, coordinated and perfectly timed with the wave. They require constant repetition until they become encoded in the neuronal networks of the brain as learned automatic muscular-skeletal responses of a calmly-focused mind.  Surfing, like any other sport, is as much a mind game as it is a physical skill.   Combining the two – skilled physical movement patterns and a calm well-tuned mental approach – is the key to surfing success.

Flat footed, straight line surfing is a real thing in the intermediate surfing world with over 80% of surfers at any given beach falling victim to it. Being based on the Gold Coast, Australia the ASP Surf Club trains and collaborates with some of the best talents in the surfing world. As most of these high-level surf athletes and coaches can only work with a handful of individual surfers each year, this platform aims to expose the latest in surfing insights, training routines, tips, tricks, and hacks.

The ASP Surf programs aim to bridge this gap and help everyday surfers by sharing a deeper understanding of the most important aspects in surfing that can be improved with a little effort.

Head Coach

Clayton Nienaber has spent more than 30 years accumulating a wealth of surfing knowledge having been a WQS competitor, shaper and a high-performance surfing coach for over 15 years and has coached some of the best surfers in the world including Travis Logie, Ricky Basnett and Jordy Smith.

The advanced foundations and techniques programs are the product of all this experience and can give any surfer the tools to start training their mind and body to see massive improvements in the surf. The program modules cover the following:

  • Your mental approach;
  • Your use of the power zones;
  • How you move your body;
  • Your understanding of your equipment;
  • Choosing trajectories on a wave;
  • Surfsmart training techniques;
  • A detailed breakdown of advanced maneuvers.

ASP Surf Club


The insight centre is where knowledge from ASP Surf Club community is documented. This literally captures years of surfing knowledge, training and insights from high-level athletes, coaches, trainers, shapers and other gurus.


Advanced Surfing Programs (ASP) are designed to help you grow as a surfer, whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer. Engineered to help surfers discover new levels in their surfing, they educate, fix and improve your surfing.


We review the latest and best gear, surfboards and surf trips.

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Some Real Surfer Testimonials

Ricky Bassnett

Without Clayton as my coach I would not have come close to making it onto the WCT. He has a really unique style of coaching and explained things to me in such simple terms. To this day I still use techniques that I learned from Clay.

Travis Logie

My coaching experience Clayton made a huge positive impact on my surfing! Clayton has a keen eye for flaws in technique and he corrected a bunch of mistakes I was making and I wasn’t even aware I was doing them. This led to having more fun free surfing, better results and way fewer injuries.

Qut Surf Club

ASP has seriously boosted the level of surfing in our club! Learning the tips and tricks of the pro surfers, identifying bad habits, correcting our technique and training our muscle memory with a number of training drills and exercises for surfing at our highest level.