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The insight centre is where ASP documents years of surfing knowledge, training and insights from professional surfers.


Advanced Surfing Programs (ASP) are designed to empower wet dreams! Engineered to help surfers discover new levels in their surfing, they educate, fix and improve your surfing.


Teaching and sharing knowledge gained is the fastest way to cement lessons you have learned. Here you join and create groups around anything surfing.

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Ricky Bassnett

Without Clayton as my coach I would not have come close to making it onto the WCT. He has a really unique style of coaching and explained things to me in such simple terms. To this day I still use techniques that I learned from Clay.

Travis Logie

My coaching experience Clayton made a huge positive impact on my surfing! Clayton has a keen eye for flaws in technique and he corrected a bunch of mistakes I was making and I wasn’t even aware I was doing them. This led to having more fun free surfing, better results and way fewer injuries.

Qut Surf Club

ASP has seriously boosted the level of surfing in our club! Learning the tips and tricks of the pro surfers, identifying bad habits, correcting our technique and training our muscle memory with a number of training drills and exercises for surfing at our highest level.

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